We're Experienced

Many times people take for granted all the necessary equipment and resources needed to put on an event, especially when it comes to the presentation of music and other acts. Event Services & Support LLC (ESS) has the knowledge and ability to put all these logistical elements together. We have worked with many equipment vendors throughout the Midwest and will try to contract with those companies who provide excellent service and have a high degree of integrity. Additionally, we always try to bid out each and every service in order to get the best price without decreasing the quality of goods and/or provisions provided.

Production Services

  • Staging
  • Sound & Lighting Rigs
  • Barricade
  • Backline Gear
  • Stage Crew
  • Security Crew
  • Catering & Hospitality
  • Tent & Outdoor Accommodations
  • Pass Lists
  • Meet & Greet Coordination
  • Photography & Video
  • Transportation
  • Hotel Accommodations

Keeping It Local

Whenever possible, we try to incorporate local civic, charitable and booster club organizations to fulfill many of the roles that are needed in the operational aspects of the event. In most cases, we put your personnel in leadership roles and also provide a real learning experience for the youth of your community. We involve you to ensure that you can oversee your “investment” and see firsthand how it all comes together.
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